options for diving/snorkelling from San Jose

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    If you plan to base in San Jose Jaco will be the closest beach to the city, though it's very built up and not really the nicest. Other options include: Cahuita (4 hour drive from San Jose) and Drake Bay Cano Island. You can also go to the San Josecito beach for more snorkeling. If you stay at Casa Corcovado you can hike right into wonderful Corcovado Park.
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    To be honest with you, Costa Rica isn't really great for diving or snorkeling unless you head to remove areas like Cano Island. Trying to do it from San Jose will be difficult and pointless. I recommend going else where like Mexico's Riviera Maya, Belize or some Caribbean islands, and leave Costa Rica for jungle tours, hikes, etc.
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    best time to snorkel in Costa Rica

    This is true about snorkeling in Costa Rica. Because of the weather, the conditions for snorkeling are less than optimal. If the weather is calm and the water is clear, you might just get lucky that day. The best snorkeling experience to be had in Costa Rica is on the reefs off Manzanillo Beach in the southern Caribbean coast, particularly in the calm months of September and October.

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