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Discussion in 'Greece' started by mitraveler, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. mitraveler

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    I've heard that an island-hopping cruise of the Greek isles is a wonderful way to spend some time, but I have some questions about them. What kind of cruises are available? Could you book one when you're there for a few day trips or are longer stay-on-the-ship overnight the cruises the way to go for Greece?
  2. DonaWeko

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    there's not much of a point of doing a cruise in the Greek islands when they are linked so well by ferries. I would suggest doing an inland hoping tour instead of either the Cyclades and Crete as well as Patmos and the Dodecanese.
  3. REdYu

    REdYu New Member

    I second the ferry too! Ferries a re cheap and a great way to explore the Greek isles. One thing I would advice is buy departure and return tickets at the same time and in advance when traveling during the peak season (between July 25th and August 28th). You can always preorder tickets from most ferry or cat companies in Greece two months in advance.
  4. wanderer

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    Excellent advice! I hadn't even thought about the ferries. It's nice to know that is an option. I hadn't even thought of the Greek ferries. I bet that saves a lot of $$.

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