ORAMOW temple .. One historical Syrian temple for Muslim and Christian

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    In high village in Lattakian mountain there is a cave in rock about 200 m of Oramow village, where is farmers there belong for tow religions, Islam and Christianity and they lived together for long time ago. But each religions of these think that the cave is belong to him as a holy place.
    So Christian think that is where saint Gorgeus come and live there but Islam also think that "Alkuder" and hi is a holy Islamic character come and maybe die there but nobody try to annoy or stop other
    so they use same place for tow worship and adore god but different ways
    The door of that place was open to the south "Alkaba direct" as all Islamic mosque but there is many cross excavated in rock over door what Christian like to be in there church
    No body knows when and why it is excavate but the Italian historiographer "Adriano Albajo" say that it take place about 4th century as a Christian church.
    At that time Islam was not noontide but than Muslim think that it is honor for "Alkoder" a holy man in some Islamic congregation
    Now after 20 century of Christianity and 14th of Islam some historiographer say that the place is not only for these tow religion because it look like a "Baal temple" and they have many reason to be sure.
    One of these reason was the name because the Arabic articulation for the word "Alkoder" means in English the word "Green" and it is the same meaning for name "Baal" the god of greenery or agriculture in the Syrian mythology
    Writer: Mudar Salimeh
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    As well as the Oramow temple, the Temple of Bel is also a very ancient temple of Syria and this temple still survived centuries of earthquakes, siege and the erosion of time. I had my Syria vacation 2 times and each time I have visited Damascus and it's nearby attractions, but only got a chance to visit the Bel temple last time. I did a full day tour at Damascus and visited the National Museum, Azem Palace, the Tekkieye Mosque, the Hamidiye Souq,Umayyad Mosque and the Christian quarters of Bab Touma and Bab Sharqi. And the very next day, I did a full day tour in Palmyra and explored the Temple of Bel, the Theatre, the Necropolis and the Colonnaded Streets. The Temple of Bel is a must see one, so if anyone planning your Syria vacation soon, then add Bel Temple in your itinerary :)

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