Orange Beach vs Gulf Shores

Discussion in 'Alabama' started by Qatuo98j, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Qatuo98j

    Qatuo98j New Member

    Having been to both Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, I can safely say that Orange beach takes the crown. Why? The water in Orange Beach is nicer and clearer, and it is overall more upscale than Gulf Shores with great budget condos to choose from.

    anyone been to Orange Beach or Gulf Shores? what are your thoughts
  2. GallyArturo

    GallyArturo New Member

    I too have been to both places...Orange Beach seems to have more of a laid back atmosphere than Gulf Shores but interestingly enough there's more of a party crowd there. It's true the beaches in Orange Beach are nicer but during spring break week Orange Beach seems to get more rowdy than Gulf Shores.
  3. KipperFG

    KipperFG New Member

    Never been to either and dont think I would....I hear this year the beaches on Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have gotten an unprecedented amount of seaweed blanketing their beaches and their cities' officials have spent a ridiculous amount of tax payer's money in removing it...what happened to leaving nature be?
  4. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I think it depends on what you want. If you're there to party, Gulf Shores is more for you. Orange Beach is more laid back...but luckily there close enough to where you can go to both and just go for the best deal for your Alabama beach hotels.

    I don't even mind the Eastern Shore. It's a lot quieter over in Fairhope and the other little places by there. But I'm the kind of person who likes it quiet.

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