Orhieul Vechi

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    Just 35 miles outside of the capital, Orheiul Vechi is located along a river valley with amazing limestone outcroppings. Here at Orhieul Vechi , you'll find a host of ancient statues and sites connected to early Christians.
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    Orheiul Vechi is a must-see when in Moldova. This site consists partly of caves carved into the cliffside, right next to a river and surrounded by the most memorable landscapes ever. I should also mention there is another part of Orhieul Vechi which is a monastery on top of the cliff that is currently inhabited by monks. You can get into the monastery, but you should be aware that as a woman it is required to wear a scarf to enter.
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    That's helpful advice. Thanks for sharing! It's always good to know the customs and remember that a lot of places are more modest than North America.

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