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Discussion in 'Norway' started by MarioWario, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. MarioWario

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    we're booking a trip to Norway and wanted to get ideas in Oslo airport. What to expect in Oslo and what are your experiences of Oslo airport? Also, what's best and cheapest way to get to the center of Oslo?
  2. Danny

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    I have been to Oslo last year and I can tell you that I didn't encounter any problems with Oslo airport. They have the quick self check-in machines, though of course the security screenings are always annoying. In all, Oslo airport has all the amenities you'd expect from a modern airport such as internet and duty-free shops.

    One thing though, Oslo airport transportation is way too expensive..I think it was either a $40 for a bus-ride, $50 for the train, or a taxi which was about $120.
  3. MartinaTopley

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    Oslo for the first time

    Oslo is a trendy city very similar to Stockholm, though of course with its own vibe. Still, people in Oslo are very international with almost everyone speaking English there. Norwegian people in general are reserved but they do also like to party and have a good time.

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