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Discussion in 'Norway' started by Cclay, Mar 25, 2009.

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    My best friend and I are traveling to Norway first time, i'm quite excited actually!..anyhow, has anyone been to Oslo and what do u recommend to see?

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    Hi there,

    Southern Norway is the home of natural inland settings, quaint coastal villages, and the busy and exciting capital of Norway, Oslo.

    Some of the most popular attractions there are the Thor Heyerdahl Kon-tiki Museum, the Munch Museum and the Viking Ship Museum, the Kongelige Slott (the Royal Palace), the Ã…kershus Castle, etc.

    I would suggest to consider purchasing an Oslo Card pass. It will give you free admission to many museums and attractions and also offers free travel on Oslo's municipal transport system, free parking, etc.

    Hope this helps

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