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    Typically we don't openly discuss Destination360 copyright settlements as its not about shaming the individual or company but about arriving at a settlement to the copyright infringement. But in the case of Pace Lattin he has attempted to threaten work we do in Las Vegas, Our travel partners, publicly slander Destination360 on Twitter, Facebook, Google. It's unfortunate to deal with it in this matter but the facts are on our side. Here's the facts:

    1- We were notified that Mr. Lattin had used our Westin Las Vegas image because Google mistakenly thought Pacevegas was the owner of our image.

    2- The image was used clearly for commercial intent with ads surrounding the image. A settlement offer was sent to Pace Lattin and a demand to immediately remove the unauthorized image. He has since replaced the image but the evidence is displayed below. As you can see Pace Lattin is clearly the author of the article and our copyright is on the image. For anyone wanting to lookup the Image Copyright Registration# its#VAu001230559.

    3- When Pace Lattin changed the image he also changed the author of the article to Leeanne Boulton. He has since removed the page from Pace Vegas all together.

    I'll skip the ugly emails we recieved from Pace Lattin but his slanderous comments will live on. The Destination360 settlement has been rescinded and will go to our legal counsel. I'll report back with updates as this progresses.

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    Pace Lattin's claim is this is not our image. The proof doesn't get much clearer.
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    Whats the latest with the Pace Lattin dispute? I've seen his name appear with many references to online spamming and fraud in Las Vegas.
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    Our attorney found out Pace Lattin appears to be running a Las Vegas business without a proper license (it was revoked). Our copyright case is proceeding as the statute has 2 years before it expires.

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