Pahiyas Festival at Philippines

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by Andrew, May 10, 2018.

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    The Pahiyas Festival at Philippines is very famous & the most colorful harvest festival celebrated every May 15 of each year in Lucban, Quezon city. People in Philippines decorated their houses with colorful kiping which is a rice wafer accented with farm produce such as fruits, plants, vegetables, rice and more as a way of saying thank you for the bountiful harvests. Tourists who had visited the Philippines definitely experienced the history and fascinating culture of the Filipinos as well as unique traditions. If you're in Philippines in 15th May, try to attend & explore this festival.
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    Hi Andrew,

    Can you please recommend some of the nice hotels to stay at Quezon City?
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    Hi SharkAttk,

    With year-round tropical weather Quezon is one of the best places to visit in Philippines. Fernandina 88 Suites, The Leaf House, Luxent, The Sulo Riviera Hotel and RedDoorz are some of the nice hotels to stay. Visit Quezon City Hotels page for more details.
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    I have been to Quezon many times, and always my choice is Fersal Hotel. It's affordable, secure, family oriented hotel. Fersal is situated very near to entertainment places, live music scene and other attractions. So you can try it too.

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