Pamir Highway by road advice

Discussion in 'Tajikistan' started by walkmanX, Jun 6, 2013.

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    For anyone contemplating traveling along Pamir Highway by road, I'd suggest doing it after May because of the snow. You can drive along Pamir highway but you will have to prepare for any eventuality (take a good sleeping bag as the temperatures drop to -4C). The high passes are normally cleared of snow by locals who must travel but dont count on it.
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    if you can, i suggest cycling instead of driving the Pamir highway because the experience is 1000 times better. Also, forget about traveling in the winter and stick to the summer months. And, like the OP says be well-prepared for rough roads and cold mountain weather (take with you heavy down sleeping bags, down coats, gore-tex jackets, mittens and that kinda of stuff).
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    I did Pamir in June and it was just perfect! cool climate, clear days, etc; Avoid traveling there outide the summer months as that would put you in a lot of snow and extreme cold (it can be well below zero) and you wont be able to enjoy the cycling along Pamir Highway
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    Dont forget obtaining a GBAO, which is required to visit the Pamir. You can easily get one in one day in Dushanbe. First, you need to go to bank to fill out the form (it will cost $4). Then, you need to go to the OVIR office with the receipt, and pay another $4.

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