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    We'll be stopping off at Panajachel for 5 days and would like hotel recommendations, can we get some suggestions there please? Cheers
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    Hi there,

    Here are some recommendations for you Panajachel stay:

    * The Hotel Dos Mundos which is located in Santander street, it features a swimming pool, a restaurant, a café and a bar. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with modern amenities such as TV, Internet, etc.

    * The Atitlan Hotel which overlooks the beautiful Lake Atitlan. It features an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, bar, etc. It also laundry service, cable satellite, etc.

    You could also consider a hostel if you would like to keep within budget. A great hostel located in the village of San Pedro is Trippy’s hostel. It features a full kitchen and you can choose between a dorm bed or a private room.

    Places like Santiago Atitlan, San Antonio Palopo and Santa Cararina Palopo are great places to purchase some textiles made by the natives peoples.

    Hope this helps

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