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    we're booking a trip to Panama for this coming March and we are looking 4ward to explore this country. Does anyone know if Panama adventure travel tours have to based in Panama City?

    Also, Do Panama adventure travel tours include nearby countries? any ideas?
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    hi there,

    Panama adventure travel tours don't have to be based in Panama City. The city of Porvenir is a major base for Panama adventure tours in the San Blas Archipelago.

    Once in Porvenir, you can arrange a tour where a native Kuna will then take you to the islands by boat. You will likely stay a night at a Kuna lodge, which is quite an experience, and from there you can book scuba diving and snorkeling trips.

    In the western region of Panama, the Chiriqui Highlands present a most favorable setting for Panama adventure tours. Boquete is a major tourist town in the Chiriqui Province, and from there you can arrange hiking trips, white water rafting adventures, birdwatching tours, and horseback riding excursions, among other possibilities.

    Also, Panama adventure travel tours can include nearby countries, such as Costa Rica where you could visit the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica one day.

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