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Discussion in 'Panama' started by magizoe, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. magizoe

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    Hi all, It's our first time to Panama, and planning for a beach holiday in Dec or Jan for a week. So which city / area of Panama is good for beach holidays. Looking for cheap Panama Beach holiday vacation package including flight, hotel and day tours. I would like to get the best deal. Looking forward for good suggestions. Thanks.
  2. Andrew

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    If you prefer the beach holidays at Panama, then I would suggest the wonderful San Blas Islands which is a group of islands with a huge range of sights. One of the most interesting things to do in the San Blas is visit the beaches, and the the best way to get around this island area is by boat. You can visit many of the San Blas Islands within an hour. The all inclusive trip to Panama will cost around $3000 per person including flight, hotel, sight seeing, etc., Check out Panama Vacation Packages page for more details, and plan your trip accordingly. Have a great holidays in Panama.

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