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    hi all,

    Which is the best time for planning Panama bird watching tour? And does anyone know which area of Panama is the best for bird watching? Planning for 4 day trip, so please suggest a worth visiting tour. thanks in advance.
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    Panama has lots of national parks and the Soberania National Park is very popular for bird watching. It's the most accessible tropical forest in Panama and there are around 525 bird species found here. Darien Rainforest, The Pearl
    Islands,The Chiriquí Highlands are also some of the top birding sites.

    Although bird watching is enjoyed all year-round at Panama, I heard that December is the best time to visit. The weather will be warm during Dec and Panama's one of the big events 24-hour Atlantic Christmas Bird Count held in Dec too.

    Panama is a superb destination for all type of tours, and bird watching is a great way to explore wonderful rainforests, cloud forests, local species and rare birds. Hope this helps and have a nice holidays in Panama.

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