Panama's Black Christ Festival

Discussion in 'Panama' started by Share22, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Did you know that the Black Christ Festival is Panama's most popular pilgrimage? Not many people are aware of this fact. The festival of the Black Christ is held annually on October 21st in Portobelo. It really such an amazing sight to see devotees walking miles all the way from Panama City. Some even crawl the last mile on hands and knees to worship.

    anyone been to the Black Christ Festival before?
  2. itlokgreat

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    Black Nazarene Celebration

    Not to Panama's one but to the one in the Philippines. the Black Nazarene Celebration is really popular over there too. the Black Nazarene Celebration takes place three times a year: New Years' Day, Good Friday, and on 9 January.
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    If you do plan to attend this festival, be prepared for jammed roads and people camped out everywhere...we were told around 60,000 people descend on the city of Portobelo to celebrate the Black Christ..
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    oh my god 60, 000 people but when we go in there we found unlimited persons.

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