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Discussion in 'France' started by sag-alu, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. sag-alu

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    i've never done the airport shuttle in France before.. what's your input regarding taking a paris shuttle bus? will it work out better than a taxi?
  2. Ruby

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    In all honesty, Paris shuttle buses aren't that much more affordable than taxis, I think it's about $20 per person on the shuttle bus, while for the taxi you'd only pay one fare.

    Having said this, if it's busy on the roads with traffic, the metered taxis can work out more expensive, especially if you're traveling over the weekend when taxi fares double up.

    Overall, I prefer the shuttle bus because you get to be with other travelers so you get a chance to speak to other people and exchange stories.
  3. groggi42

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    Where are you arriving? Orly or Roissy?
    From Roissy it's actually best and cheapest to take the RER train directly into the city. From Orly I'd recommend Orlybus to Denfert-Rochereau as the cheapest and quickest option. Taxis are not that expensive, but from Roissy the train is usually a lot quicker and Orlybus doesn't tend to be slower than a taxi either.
  4. julietita

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    About RER or Orly... I think is so uncomfy to bring all the bags on the train beacause half way theres people gettin on the train just to get to Paris, so its bad for both...

    Then the problem is to handle all the bags in the station... "du nord" or "châtelet"

    I think the bus is better, even if it's like 5€ more expensive.
  5. bmd

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    We took the Rossy bus when we went to Paris...make sure you check the schedule before you go, because we had a time asking people about the schedule, but it ended up being a good choice and definitely more affordable than a shuttle or taxi, and it didn't drop us off very far from our hotel. The transportation system in Paris is pretty well connected, and however you go, you can be pretty confident that it will take you to the general area of your destination, so you won't have to walk very far, but make sure you check things out before you get there, or else you'll find yourself confused and stuck.
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