Paris to St Mere Eglise drive

Discussion in 'France' started by hackerd, Jan 23, 2013.

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    We plan to visit Paris in the spring (most likely in May) and while there we'd love to take a drive to the St Mere Eglise area where we'd like to spend 5 days before coming back to Paris.

    Now, my question is: will catching the train or renting a car be the easiest thing to do? has anyone done this drive route before and does it get congested with traffic?Also, how will the traffic be returning to Paris on a Saturday? Thanks a bunch;)
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    I have driven from Paris to St Mere Eglise many times by car and train and would recommend both ways to get to St Mere Eglise. Mind you, the train is very convenient and form the train window you can get lovely scenic views, though with a car you will have the opportunity to stop and take in the fresh air. If you do choose to drive, it's best you do it throughout the week during the day. Also, watch out for the speed cameras and have money ready for the toll.
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    driving in Paris on Sunday

    If you plan to travel over the weekend, I wouldn't leave to go back to Paris on Saturday but early morning the next day. If you leave Paris early morning on a Sunday you will be surprised to see how traffic is very minimal. I did this myself when I had planned an early trip back to Paris for a Sunday. I hit the road about 7 am and drove up the Champs Elysees while the road was eerily empty.

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