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    If you are driving down to Atlantic city to visit the boardwalk, beaches and casinos, the best bet will be to park in any of the casino parking garages. It's not cheap but they do not charge by the hour, but a fixed rate for however long you remain parked. Also, all the casinos are on the boardwalk so if you park at one of these casinos, the beach/boardwalk is just there.
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    Atlantic city casino parking rip off

    Atlantic City’s casinos make you pay more than the state-mandated $3 for parking at their casinos. It's jokes, a place where you are going to blow money requests you to pay. Many casinos sometimes raise the car park fee to even $30 during special events or busy summer weekends to exploit the heavier crowds.
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    When I used to work in Atlantic City, I would park on the street for free, two blocks in from Albany ave and walk across the bridge to work every day. It's about a 5 minute walk to the boardwalk from there.

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