Pawn Stars in Las Vegas Nevada

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  1. wanderer

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    Pawn Stars is one of the most popular shows on TV right now. It's based on a real shop in Las Vegas Nevada. It's called Gold and Silver Pawn, and the shop is located at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard South.
  2. mormecjK

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    seeing "pawn stars" stars

    yep, the gold and silver pawn shop is located on the strip about a few blocks away from the statosphere tower...the camera crews film Pawn Stars by day and they only let a bunch of people in at a time, which means long queues, though it's the best chance you will have to see any of the main stars.
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    Pawn Stars is a busy place

    I dont watch the show but my mon is a huge fan and so much so that when she came over to Vegas to visit me my Mom asked to take her there. The day we went the place was really crowded and my mom got to see one of the "stars" of the show there..cant remember the name (i think it was the son who is the main guy on the show)

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