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Discussion in 'Peru' started by Gigi, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Gigi

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    Re: Experienced Peru Traveler Here

    Hi guys I'm going to be living in Canada for 6 months doing a season in Lake Louise, and want to travel to Peru in May 2007 as I'm going to be doing a months orphanage work in Cusco (I will be totally broke as some know, snow bums don't get good wages!!)

    Could someone tell me what is the cheapest way to get to peru???

    All I can find is flights for around $700 USD inc tax's - does this sound about right -cause it seems really expensive? (or am I stuck with that much?)

    Thanks in advance for any help

    btw I did a search of the forum but couldn't see exactly what I was looking for thus this post :)
  2. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Hi Gigi,

    I move your post to a new thread so it will get some feedback. Yes $700 US sounds about right but if you give me your departure city I'll see if we know of any options.

    I assume your flying into Lima?
  3. Lola

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    Hey Gigi,
    You should be happy with $700 (although I know it sounds expensive)! Right now flights to Peru aren't dropping below $1000- YIKES! My recommendation is that you search every nook & cranny on the internet, as that is where you get the best prices. In addition to your typical Expedia, Travelocity, etc. searches, and your direct airline searches, But honestly, I'd say that if you've found a $700 flight grab it while you can, prices can jump up really fast (Last month I bought tickets for my parents to come visit me here in Peru, they cost around $1,100- I just checked to see what the prices now are for the same dates- $2,549!!!!
    Good Luck!!!
  4. Gigi

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    hey thanks for your feedback guys

    D360 - Thanks for moving my post
    My departure city is Calgary - hopefully - but am willing to hitch down to Los Angeles if it makes it cheaper (I'm sure one of the hundreds of staff at LL will be heading that way)

    Take Care

  5. Richard Leon

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  6. genioanonimo

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    Peruvian Contact

    Hi Gigi:
    My name is Juan. I live in Perú. I can't help you about Peru flights coz I never travel to other country. But if you need anything information about Perú then I can help you.
    Many people say Perú is dangeruos but if you know how stay here you wont have problems.
    In Perú, many people is really nice but don't speak English. I'm learning english in fact.

    Macchu Picchu is a fantastic place if you loocking carefully the mountains loocks similar to a Inca's Face watching to sky.

    Good Luck!

  7. d360

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    Or try using the "build your trip" flight comparsion tool it will search multiple websites and get you the best price.
  8. jonnyvegas

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    I second that! Flights to Peru aren't cheap. Im looking to go in august and prices are just crazy. anyway, I wanted to ask...Can you tell me the best way to get a cross to Cuzco? I want to get to machu picchu and will be flying into Lima.
  9. Danny

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    There are no trains but you can catch a bus between Lima and Cuzco. Having said this, I think the best mode of transportation to get across Cusco is by plane.

    In fact, I think flying is definitely the way to go if you want to save time, though expect to pay around $260 for a round trip ticket with Star Peru.

    By the way, this may sound like a lot for a domestic flight but considering that flying from Lima to Cuzco takes just 60 minutes as opposed to 20 hours on the bus, you won't mind forking out the extra cash!
  10. elconquistador

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    cheapest way to get to peru

    if you're in Canada, the cheapest way to get to Peru is flying. anybody tell you otherwise, they're crazy! Anyways, what you need to really do is travel to Peru the right time and I don't mean only when the weather is good.

    Travel a month before/after the off-season and book flights 4 weeks in advance. this is imperative if you really want to get an inexpensive flight. Good luck buddy!

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