Petra celebrates 200 years

Discussion in 'Jordan' started by wanderer, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    Even though Petra was a thriving city in the first century A.D., it's been 200 years since the city was "discovered" by archaeologists. Throughout 2012, the city carved in stone, will be celebrating with special events and tours. Even if you haven't heard of Petra, you saw it in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."
  2. Jim Traveler

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    Oh that is rather interesting. I went there a few years ago and it was more aimed at being hundreds of years old. Few times they mentioned it being discovered in 1800-somewhat... but never that it was nearly a "200 year celebration"!

    I feel bad now, for not having returned there this year...
  3. Crustation23

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    im sorry for Jordan

    don;t think is going to be a good year for Jordan and the other countries neighboring. I found it funny when the MD of Jordan Tourism Board said that Jordan is “the Switzerland of the Middle Eastâ€...really? Im sorry to disagree with him but he needs to get real. The imperialist warmongerers wouldn't touch Switzerland. Jordan is a peaceful country but unfortunetly Jordan will fall down as Libya and Syria is about to:(
  4. summerbuns

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    Anyone going to Petra?

    I visited Jordan years back and loved it so much! Anyone going to Petra will truly love this amazing's so awe-inspiring seeing the buildings carved in the rocks. The Treasury is the most photographed and most visited tourist attractions, though don;t miss visiting sites like Al Beidha (Little Petra), and taking a candlelit tour.
  5. mitraveler

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    Thanks for your suggestion about the candlelight tour. That seems like a delightful way to tour! Do the tours cost a lot? I'm sure they're worth the money. The photos are incredible!
  6. summerbuns

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    Petra candle-lit path

    the candle-lit path is truly an amazing Petra experience. Never seen anything like it...the walk down through Al-Siqr is entirely lit by candles. it cost around $60, which was a little pricey in terms of what you get but the whole experience of walking by candlelight alone is worth going...
  7. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    That totally sounds worth the money. Very delightful. Thanks for sharing your experience, Summer.
  8. salitaVS

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    have fun in Petra, i know i did

    just wanted to chime in on Petra..what an amazing place to be and the guides there do speak English. Oh, whatever you do, you must ride the camels and donkeys and visit the "Treasury", the Siq, the Roman theatre, the Tombs, and Qaser Al-bint.
    have fun.....

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