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Discussion in 'Philippines' started by travelgeek, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. travelgeek

    travelgeek New Member

    hi all! my partner and i are thinking of a vacation in Philippines and staying there for at least 5 days. We are from Ireland and this is our first time to Philippines, no idea and plans. Looking for some nice places to visit and experience the wonderful places of Philippines especially beautiful islands and wonderful beaches.hope will get more responses soon. thanks.
  2. helloworldbea

    helloworldbea New Member

  3. travelgeek

    travelgeek New Member

    thanks for the reply, I came to know from my friend that "Boracay Island" is a good spot, any other islands to get an idea and plan our trip! really we're looking for island info. in addition with beaches.
  4. patriciamd

    patriciamd New Member

    A friend told me Boracay was a good place as well. However, it's often crowded and the people should maintain the cleanliness of the place. Still, it's definitely worth a visit.
  5. Neon Eye

    Neon Eye New Member

    check this beaches: el nido palawan and pearl farm davao Philippines. You'll gonna love it. i'm sure.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Few years back I have visited some places of Philippines and Manila and Boracay are the highlights of my visit. Boracay is a one of the most beautiful and tropical islands of Philippines and has 2 wonderful beaches namely White beach and Bulabog beach. This island is located approximately 200 miles from south of Manila and offers many things to do. One of the most exciting places in Boracay is the Bat Caves and these are the most adventurous and attractive caves that you shouldnot miss during your trip. Cave full of bats can be seen here and during sunset thousands of bats come over from the White Beach. The underwater diving takes place a major role here and it gives wonderful experience for everyone who visits this island. Para sailing, wind surfing and flying over the white beaches are also mind blowing.

    Also this island has Kar-Tir Shell Museum which has the best sea shells ever found. Never miss to visit the White beach and the swimming in its crystal water. You can buy beach wear and home decors in this island for less price.

    I have also visited Banaue Rice Terraces, one of the stunning beauty of Philippines, so don't miss this places as well.
  7. Neon Eye

    Neon Eye New Member

    Wow! Great! Good for you. For queries, don't hesitate to post
  8. magnusiax

    magnusiax New Member

    Have you tried Bohol Beach Club its the same as Boracay and Coron Palawan...Its nice...
  9. ichatfilipina

    ichatfilipina New Member

    The best best is Bantayan Island. you can enjoy white sand at Santa Fe, nice spot to enjoy swimming. You can tour any places of Bantayan island.
  10. siggy

    siggy New Member

    Ya, I too spend 2 weeks at Bantayan Island, oh! it was lovely! took a bus from Cebu to Bantayan, and the travelled around four hours. I went with my 2 friends and stayed in an aircon cottage, it was very comfortable. It' was worth a trip and enjoyed the white sand beach with lots of fun, took great photos too!! highly recommended.
  11. travelgeek

    travelgeek New Member

    Thanks for all the replies.booked the Manila holiday package and preparing my travel bag, hope I'I'll visit Bantayan Island too :)
  12. khatrineluz

    khatrineluz New Member

    You could also try Camiguin Island in Mindanao... It has nice beaches, spring(hot or cold) and falls... Nice scenery also...
  13. july_bsit

    july_bsit New Member


    You could try Boracay Isalnd...^_^..
  14. cezzz

    cezzz New Member

    Boracay and baguio are the best place for vacation in Philippines.. I've been there with my family... I'm sure you'll enjoy that place.
  15. DilbertPart2

    DilbertPart2 New Member

    From Baguio you can go down to La Union. You can try surfing in San Juan La Union.
    In addition you can go north like Pagudpud Ilocos Norte they have beautiful
    beaches there. They also offer other activities like treeking and other ecological
    land adventures.

    Ilocano's as the locals call themselves are very friendly and accommodating people. They
    would even offer their homes for free when the needs arises :)
  16. DilbertPart2

    DilbertPart2 New Member

    I forget to mention a trip to Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos Pangasinan.
  17. butuantoday

    butuantoday New Member

    guys....there's a new destination to discover in the Philippines...

    it has rich colorful preHispanic Philippine history (complete with exotic and gilded archeological finds!!)....a colorful culture and festivals...the scenic natural adventure destinations.....and of course the warm provincial charms...its BUTUAN City....

    will get back here to post a few pics and links
  18. rubylene

    rubylene New Member

    Boracay is the best place that you could visit here in the Philippines... been there once and planning to visit again the place, probably this summer :D
  19. bacuel

    bacuel New Member

    I would suggest Puerto Princesa Palawan, U can visit the Underground River and best beaches are within your choice. You can have El Nido and Amanpulo. But Puerto Princesa is already surrounded by beaches.
    The sea water may taste a little bit salty that any other beach I"ve been to but the water is not sticky and will not get a stingy reaction in your skin from the sun.
  20. beywillis

    beywillis New Member

    Diving in dumaguete, negros oriental is exciting !

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