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    Petapixel has a great article titled Register your d*mn images
    Photographers, Register Your D*mn Copyright

    The comments section always has good information like: It's $55 per application, not per photo. I've registered as many as 13,000 unpublished images on one application for $55.
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    The U.S. Copyright Office recently issued a final rule on group registration of photographs, which will take effect on February 20, 2018. The rule modifies the Office’s procedure for registering published photographs, and it establishes a similar procedure for registering unpublished photographs. All changes on February 20 when registrations will be limited to 750 photos each

    Copyright Group Registration for Published Photographs

    Copyright Group Registration for Unpublished Photographs
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    Through this lead I've found Dedicated Copyright Registration Service Leading Copyright Enforcement Service Imagerights Announces Dedicated Copyright Registration Service | DMLA
    The takeaways:
    ImageRights’ turnaround is among the fastest on the market, taking only a few weeks on average to receive the registration certificates
    Images can be registered through the website or by using the ImageRights Plugin for Adobe Lightroom.
    Register images with the US Copyright Office for $99 plus the Copyright Office filing fee

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