Pigeon Forge Winter Fest coming soon

Discussion in 'North Carolina' started by wanderer, Oct 6, 2011.

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    One of the longest and best festivals in the Smoky Mountains is on its way. The Pigeon Forge Winterfest begins on November 8 with a parade to honor veterans. The fun calendar of events includes trolley tours, sparking lights and plenty of chances to shop. Later in the winter, you can look forward to the Wilderness Wildlife Week and the Saddle Up events.

    Pigeon Forge is a great place to visit over the holidays.
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    22nd Pigeon Forge Winter Fest

    I second that wanderer, Pigeon Forge is one of the nicest places in the country to visit over the holidays, especially if you have kids. We'll beheading over to Pigeon Forge for their 22nd annual Pigeon Forge Winterfest.
    For anyone who doesn't know the event is a four month long event which will run from November 8, 2011 until February 26, 2012. If you've ever wanted to attend this event this year is not to be missed since it will feature a special parade dedicated to veterans.
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    Thanks for responding! After I posted this, I realized that TN would have been a better place for this Smokies post, but some of the Smokies stretch into North Carolina. My friends were just there this weekend and had a wonderful time.
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    Pigeon Forge winter events

    I believe Winterfest officially kicks off this year on November 9 with a ceremony that has traditionally been held at Patriot Park. Saying this, there are numerous events in Pigeon Forge throughout the winter such as Wilderness Wildlife Week, Saddle Up, Cowboy Symphony, Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas Festival, New Year’s Eve Celebrations, AppalachiaFest, so there are plenty of cool events you can attend in the winter
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    The lights are the best part. It's really fun to drive down the main highway and see the displays
    It's the one time I don't mind being stuck in traffic.

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