Pinzgau district and Zell am See district

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    hi people!

    Has anyone being to the Pinzgau district and Zell am See district..can you tell me more about these places, we're planning to go there in winter.
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    hi there,

    The Pinzgau district and the Zell am See district are in fact the same place. Zell am See is located 50 miles southeast of Salzburg, and skiing in Zell am See is what bring people here.

    There are some 30 peaks in the Zell am See area that reach up to 9,800 feet above sea level, and town itself is backed by the 6,560-foot Schmittenhohe Mountain

    Zell am See Austria is linked to both Salzburg and Innsbruck by train, and it's one of the main stops between the two. The train trip from Salzburg is about 90 minutes long, while it takes closer to two hours to get here by rail from Innsbruck.

    If you're traveling in winter, be aware it is peak seasons for Zell am See travel so you'll want to book a room at one of the Zell am See hotels in advance as soon as possible.

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