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Discussion in 'Uruguay' started by magizoe, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. magizoe

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    Hi there! How long will it take from Montevideo to Piriapolis. I always like to have a beach holiday every year, and this year I'm planning to visit Piriapolis, especially for beaches. I'm going to spend a day in Montevideo, and then over to Piriapolis. So need help on a nice beach resort situated very close to the beach as well as nice restaurant ideas? thank for any help.
  2. Andrew

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    Piriapolis is a wonderful beach town, and you can reach by bus from Montevideo within 1.5 hrs. It's the cheapest way too. Piriapolis has many attractions & options to enjoy more. You can explore parks and do water sports, hiking, horse riding, fishing and more. Piriapolis offers a wide range of accommodation as well as dining options. Playa Punta Colorada, Dunas Del Este and La Fragata are some of the nice resorts to stay. For more details visit Piriapolis Hotels and pre book online to save more. Hope this helps, and have a nice trip.

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