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Discussion in 'China' started by fcAnnie, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Going for a week to Ho Chi Minh city. But not getting the any information on what are the must places to be visted there. Cheap restaurants, transportation, shopping places, everything. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Hello FC Annie,

    There's plenty of things to do in the largest city in Vietnam.

    There are plenty of museums and buildings from the French Colonial era, including the Reunification Palace and the Notre Dame Cathedral. The Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens are another popular tourist attraction, as are theater shows.

    As for transportation, taxis and motorbikes are the best way to go. Of course, there's always car rentals if you want to do the driving.

    I'd check out the D360 guide to Ho Chi Minh City for more.
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    Vietnamese customs

    I'll give you some suggestions, though mind you im not a travel guide and can't tell you everything (lol) thing I would say about traveling to Ho Chi or any other Vietnamese city/town is to be respectful of their customs.

    Vietnamese people are welcoming and tolerant of foreigners but if you disrespect their customs you may end up on their wrong side. if you plan to stay away from beach resorts, it's best you dress more conservatively and show as little skin as possible, especially when visiting temples and mosques.
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    weather in Ho Chi Minh City

    when exactly are you traveling? you need to be aware that Ho Chi Minh City has two seasons: a rain season (May - November) and a dry season (December until April). Saying this, the weather during the month before each change of season can sometimes be unpredictable. I'd suggest traveling in December because it's the coolest and most pleasant month of the year.
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    It looks good surely.
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    First, I think you may visit Ben Thanh Market in the morning to have breakfast ( the food here is quite ok) and see the local people's activities. Then, from the market, you move to the Ho Chi Minh City Museum to see Saigon pottery and a series of ancient precious pictures. Some destinations like Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon and Saigon Central Post Office are regarded as symbols of Saigon. You should travel around in the night. Saigon's nightlife is quite bustling and the night scene is breathtaking. You can enter some bar to listen live music, have a cocktail and admire the beauty of Saigon.
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    Ho Chi Minh embraces tourists from all over the world to its wonderful mishmash of the ancient and the state-of-the-art, from the spectacular museums and primeval pagodas to the ultramodern theaters and beautiful convention centers.

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