places in Italy to see architecture and beaches

Discussion in 'Italy' started by HikersBootz, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. HikersBootz

    HikersBootz New Member

    Besides Rome can you guys makes any recommendations or suggestion on popular destinations where not only we can see cool ancient architecture but also enjoy swimming?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    There are nice spots all along the coasts of Italy, but one of favorite places is Taormina in Sicily which is known for its ancient architecture, and its beaches. Taormina has lovely winding medieval streets and corridors that you can explore on foot as well as nice eateries where you can enjoy a nice lunch.

    By the way, Taormina is also close to Mount Etna where you can enjoy an unforgettable tour of the area with a local tour guide.
  3. julietita

    julietita New Member

    Deffo, go to Sicilia, never been there, but my Sicilian Friends, they say the best part or Italy, sun, culture, beach and party!!!!!!!!
  4. Murky

    Murky New Member

    Have you tried Bologna? It's not exactly near the sea but Rimini, which is about 120km away, is. There's an RT train that runs every hour. Then you can see byzantine mosaics in nearby Ravenna and Classe. Bologna's better to use as a base coz there's a wider range of accommodation and it's also one of the most well preserved medieval cities in the world. It was appointed a City of Music by UNESCO in May 2006.
  5. henryka_marks

    henryka_marks New Member

    Hi ITALY is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. There are so many enjoyable places like Rome, Florence, Sicily, Venice, Tuscany etc. Thanks for sharing..!
  6. toursitaly

    toursitaly New Member

    In Rome, Florence, Sicily, Venice, Tuscany have great number of ancient monuments created.
  7. AvaC

    AvaC New Member

    Florence is amazing. Architecture there i splendid thanks to Medici Family. You will love it. Also its not that far from sea. It will teak you little bit more then an hour to get to the coast with train.
  8. josephhinds

    josephhinds New Member

    I think Rome is the best place to which you have to visit in the Italy and there is the one beach available which name is Ostia. It is 35 min far from Rome by train.
  9. gerryw80

    gerryw80 New Member

    Whenever you visit Italy, you must take out time to go to Sardinia. The beaches there are amazing. one of my top favourites is Goloritzè with its utterly mesmerizing beauty !
  10. Lella

    Lella New Member

    Also Calabria is a perfect travel destination in this sense! Its beaches are wonderful, the sea perfect if you like to swim, but this region is also rich in art art and monuments to see. Reggio Calabria, but also other cities, have much to offer in this sense!

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