places to snorkel in Antigua & Barbuda

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  1. supasupa

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    Cades Reef, Green Island and Great Bird Island (about a mile north-east of Antigua) are good places to enjoy snorkeling while in Antigua & Barbuda. Green Island is actually a private island owned by the mill reef club, though getting there makes for a fantastic day trip.

    Overall, I'd Cades Reef is the best place for snorkeling in Antigua as the waters are great for small kids and accessibility is easy.
  2. Dastrips

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    to be honest almost anywhere in Antigua and Barbuda you can enjoy snorkeling and diving. The southern and eastern coasts of Antigua are probably the most places to enjoy snorkeling/diving because of shipwrecks such as the wreck of the Andes, which sank in the 1900's.
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    Antigua & Barbuda isn't really known for great snorkeling off the beach...I mean, it's ok but don't expect it to be like Roatan, Grand Cayman or Jamaica where you can easily snorkel off the beach. The thing about Antigua is that the best snorkeling areas can only be reached by boat.
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    Would be very interested to know what you found out and what conclusions you came to. My hubby and I are the same and are looking for some where to go in January.

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