places to stay and airlines to Cape Verde

Discussion in 'Cape Verde' started by manuelhernandez, May 30, 2011.

  1. manuelhernandez

    manuelhernandez New Member

    Planning trip to Cape Verde, and i'd like to know good places to stay and airlines that fly there? Any scheduled carriers?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    As far as I know you can't get scheduled flights to Cape Verde other than a charter flight with airlines such as Thomson and BA.

    As far as places to stay Sal and Boa Vista are great if you love the beach and want to do water sports, but as you would fly in and out of one of these it is worth spending a few days either side of your arrival and return home.

    I would also say that Sal is the best Island and I would recommend going from Sal to Sao Vicente and Santo Antoa which have cheaper hotel accommodation than Sal or Boa Vista.

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