Places to Swim With Dolphins in Florida

Discussion in 'Florida' started by walterscott, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. walterscott

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    Swimming with dolphins is something I recommend doing to anyone if you have the opportunity to do it. I was able to do it not long ago in Florida and let me tell you, it isn't just child's play! Myself and other adults were also loving this experience. Okay, so a few places you can swim with dolphins in Florida are Miami Seaquarium, Discovery Cove and Gulf World Marine Park.

    Anyone been to any of these places?
  2. sergiomarty

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    Marineland Dolphin Adventure is another great place! It is located on Oceanshore Boulevard in St. Augustine and they also offer fun immersion programs for kids and adults alike. Dolphin encounters is sure something worth doing if you can;)
  3. weallevery3

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    swiming with dolphins

    discovery cove is nice but a little overpriced i feel. In fact, most of the swiming with dolphin places close to Disney will be overpriced. Best you go somewhere not too touristy or book this experience as a package with another experience like sea world Aquatica and bush gardens.
  4. Photofun

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    Swim With Dolphins in the Keys

    Go to the Florida keys if you want inexpensive swimming with dolphins. The Dolphin Research Center near Marathon is I've been to do it and it's considered the best spot in the Keys, along with Dolphins Plus in Key Largo.

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