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Discussion in 'Austria' started by John Dennis, May 3, 2011.

  1. John Dennis

    John Dennis New Member

    I have come across some of the most beautiful and eye-catching European counties, but none come closer to Austria. Im sharing my favourite places to visit in Austria with you:


    Vienna is very much popular destination in Austria, where you can find that the past has delightfully compound with the present. As you can find different historical places and buildings in Vienna, you will also find a number of shopping malls. In fact, Vienna is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.


    Innsbruck is a gorgeous city in the Alpine region. One can enjoy the impressive view of Alps from this city. In the morning, you can tour the entire city, viewing diverse palaces and buildings of medieval age. On the other hand, in the evening you can drop in at the bars that are located beside the river and enjoy good food and music.


    You will find numerous tourists attractions in Salzburg. People of this city enjoy music of various genres, right from fashionable to classic. This is a place, where you will find traditionalist touch along with a modern outlook.

    What's your favourite spot in Austria?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I love Vienna but I think Villach is the most stunning and vibrant city in Austria, and the best thing is that you're not far from other from Italy and Slovenia.
  3. Amydiaz11

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    You can get a view of the stunning mountain vistas, explore green pastoral landscapes and visit many famous cities in Austria. Check out the castle the Hofburg, St. Stephen's Cathedral, St. Charles's Church and Oper, Vienna's most famous opera house..
  4. jaxnyc

    jaxnyc New Member

    Innsbruck Austria is lovely in the summer especially the hiking trails and small little mountain side villages It is most known as a ski destination but I think it is lovely in the summer.
  5. ankydas

    ankydas New Member

    Other places to visit in Austria are Salzburg's Old Town, Untersberg, Zell Am See , Grossglockner, Court Church of Innsbruck (Hofkirche), Ski Area Penkenbahn, Altstadt von Innsbruck, St. Anton, Werfen Ice Caves and many more you can also check on the web.
  6. jacinthemilton

    jacinthemilton New Member

    That's cool itinerary, me and my family are planning for a travel there next year and I guess I can set those places as a reference for our tour. Thanks for sharing my friend.
  7. vikash91mehta

    vikash91mehta New Member

    Austria is beautiful for traveling & Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria so I don't think so there is another best place to visit in Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria.

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