Planning a adventure trip to Australia !!

Discussion in 'Australia' started by adrieldev83, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I am new here and hoping I could get some ideas, pointers and guidance in planning a trip to Australia in May/June of 2010. Is that a good time of year to visit the places I want to visit? I want to visit Sydney, Uluru and the GBR, everything else I could see would be a plus, but those are the main sites I would like to check out. We are thinking about 18 days.
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    Re: Panning a adventure trip to Australia !!

    Hi there,

    Late May and June are perfect months for exploring the northern part of Australia as weather is not as hot. If you're planning on climbing Uluru rock, be aware that Uluru is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area.

    Sydney is perfect destination with great weather all year around so May/ June is as good as any other time.

    For the Great Barrier Reef, June month is actually one of the best times to dive there, as the visibility for seeing coral and marine life is at its best and whales come to shore, great for whale watching tours!
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    Re: Panning a adventure trip to Australia !!

    Start in Sydney but work your way the East coast and it'll just keep getting sunnier and warmer :)
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    Re: Panning a adventure trip to Australia !!

    Hmm, 18 days would be fairly enough for the whole travle. From where would you be coming from? I would suggest that you would start your trip with Uluru and and it with the Reef.
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    The best time to dive the Great Barrier Reef is between August and December: but you can dive there all year round. The water temperature ranges from 22 oC in June rising to 28 oC in March. Although January, February and March are the warmest months they are also the wettest. For Western Australia, the coral spawning in March and April is a good time to go as this is when the big pelagics like whale sharks arrive.
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    depends what time of year you are there, if you're there june-september it's winter so head to the snow to ski amongst the gum trees!
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    One of my friends is going on one this summer but hers is in various places in Europe hers is around 6 or 7 thousand but yours probably will be different than that but idk how much.

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