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Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by tatianaali, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. tatianaali

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    hey guys,

    My wife and I are planning a Boston vacation for the first time and we'd like to get some input from you if possible? what kind of activities do people get up to? and have you got any tips on ways to save money on a vacation to Boston?
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    hi there,

    A Boston vacation offers a variety of fun things to do, but you can also take it easy and relax, while taking in some sights.

    Fun things to do in Boston include taking neighborhood tours such as the historical Beacon Hill, enjoying a concert or Boston event like the Boston Marathon, held in April.

    If you ask me, the best time to visit Boston is during the spring when weather is pleasant and festivals are plentiful such as the Boston Wine Festival which is held annually from January through April.

    If you're start planning your vacation to Boston for next spring, you can start looking at vacation packages that combine your flight tickets, hotels, tours and car rentals. This is a sure way to save some money.

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