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Discussion in 'Paraguay' started by smallbig, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Im planning a holiday in Paraguay with my girlfriend and I was wondering if we need visas to get into the country, and are they expensive? Also, when is the best time to visit? any input is very welcome!:)
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    hi there,

    If you’re planning a holiday in Paraguay, I would suggest avoiding summer, as the heat can be overwhelming. Overall, I think the winter months of May through September offer the best time to visit Paraguay.

    Also, If you're traveling from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand you will need a visas which can be requested and obtained in the same day, and they're relatively inexpensive (around 50 USD).

    Regarding currency, most places won’t be able to provide change for you, so whenever possible, try to keep small bills handy. You won’t have any trouble exchanging money in the capital of Asuncion, but outside of the city, and on evenings and weekends, you'll find it more difficult.

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