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Discussion in 'Brazil' started by Dina, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Dina

    Dina New Member

    I plan a trip to Brazil in the Spring and would really appreciate your advices and input.

    Plan on taking some trekking and do a budget trip for a couple of months.

    I have traveled in Europe and India but haven't been to that area before.
  2. Riofile

    Riofile New Member

    Brazil is a lot different than Europe and India. Traveling around Brazil can be much more difficult than in Europe. No idea about India.
  3. Richard Leon

    Richard Leon New Member

    I have traveled to Brazil 2 times now and visited Rio, Salvadoir, Busios, Ilha Grande, Sao Paulo and Paraty.

    My favoutire was Ilha Grande, but to be honest all the coast is filled with paradise beaches.

    It rains a lot in Brazil, so be ready for that. My wife wanted a beach vacation, but 5 out of 8 days it was raining! But brazil is not only about beaches. the country itself is huge both culturewise and undustrial wise. Its amazign.

    if you want expert advice the following links are a good place to start. You can even have a travel advisor answer all your questions for free:) ..

    Richard Leon
  4. kellecarvalho

    kellecarvalho New Member

    Hi dear!
    First of all: be prepared to long distances, specially if you don't have money to go by airplane. Brazil is larger than you can imagine. The main places to visite are really really far one of other. Just to you know if you arrive in rio de janeiro and go to igassu falls by bus, it takes 26 hours. is almost impossible you go to the places by train, they almost don't exist.
    My advice, airplane, airplane and airplane.
    A good place to visite in this time of the year is Minas Gerais specially Ouro Preto and Tiradentes towns. certainly, will please you.
  5. backn11

    backn11 New Member

    little confused on Florianopolis Brazil trip - I'm planning a trip in August to Florianopolis, now i'm little confused and wondering should the weather be nice or too cold in August? any idea...? i'm a beach lover so advice please...
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Exactly no, August is not a perfect month for your Florianopolis trip. It will be too cold, so plan your trip in Feb. or March. Why don't you try Itacare, an exotic town with all the best of Brazil. It is in Bahia having plenty of surfing spots.Try and hope you enjoy yourself!
  7. kellecarvalho

    kellecarvalho New Member

    Except if you go to northeast, in general Brazil is cold in August, specially strong winds. it is not a hurricane, just strong winds.
  8. helloworldbea

    helloworldbea New Member

    So September's out of the question then? Thanks for the info, guys!
  9. kellecarvalho

    kellecarvalho New Member

    Hi! Brazilian south and Southeast is totaly out of question in the midle of the year, except if you want to go Winter Festivals or visit historic towns. Beach? go to northeast. I'd like to suggest you: Bahia, Alagoas and Rio Grande do Norte States.
    I hope you enjoy.
    P.S. Fernando de Noronha in northeast, is the vision of Heaven.

    Kelle - WHL Travel
  10. chris1906

    chris1906 New Member

    wheres the best places to go in brazil and how much do you think i would need a week budget wise???

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