planning a trip to Europe the basics

Discussion in 'Austria' started by tatianaali, Sep 23, 2014.

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    While Europe may look tiny when compared to the US, Europe is full of history, cultures, people and traditions and offers almost too much to see and to do. You do not want to make the mistake to try to explore all of Europe in one trip.

    A trip to Europe is not cheap but it is well worth it. Things are generally more expensive in Europe. You will need both cash and credit card in Europe but remember that charges and fees will be high. Navigating through Europe is kinda off difficult so you will need a GPS device, an old-school map and a compass. Believe me you will need a compass to orient your self from time to times so you do not get lost too far especially in Rome. Hope this helps someone!
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    Bus is king in europe and also cheap too. Consider staying in hostels if you are on a budget and book accommodation that away from the city centre and tourist attractions. Europe’s cities are quite expensive, especially Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

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