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Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by SmokyRocky, Dec 11, 2009.

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    hi people,

    Next year we're planning a vacation to Massachusetts and i would like to know if Spring and Summer are busy times and when it is best to go there?

    thank you
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    hi there,

    If you travel in the Spring to Massachusetts from April to mid-June is peak season here, as many cities host festivals and events to celebrate the end of the cold season and the beginning of a spring. During this time, Massachusetts temperatures do vary but generally the days are at about 60 degrees and the evenings are cooler.

    If you are planning a vacation to Massachusetts in the summer, from the middle of June through to the start of September, expect large crowds. This time is incredibly popular to vacation in Massachusetts for both domestic and international tourists.

    Lakes, beaches and the coast fill up with happy holiday goers and reservations are best made well in advance.

    I would say, summer is a nice time for a Massachusetts getaway even though its crowded. Boston sparks anew with festivals and events and museums and galleries are well visited.

    Hope this helps

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