Planning to land at Dalaman Airport?

Discussion in 'Turkey' started by ZZZder, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. ZZZder

    ZZZder New Member

    This airport ( Dalaman ) is the most expensive in Turkey in terms of foods and drinks (cheapest smallest bottle of water is $4), so beware. Take some sandwiches, crisps and water etc but remember that you can't take drinks past the second check in so have a drink before you go through.
  2. Incapo

    Incapo New Member

    Not only in Turkey. Dalaman airport is the most expensive in Turkey because the Turkish Government privatized it, which means airport owners rent the shops at high prices and in turn it affects cost of goods and services sold in these airports in Turkey. That's why prices are too expensive in Dalaman Airport and they will continue to be high.
  3. ezzexgal

    ezzexgal New Member

    I find it hard to think that Dalaman airport is pricier than London Heathrow or Gatwick, for example, but maybe I am wrong? And even if airports are expensive, don't people mostly wait until they get on the plane to eat and drink?

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