Planning to visit Bulgaria?

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    Bulgaria is a very beautiful country but if you don't speak Bulgarian or at least Russian you'll find it difficult to do Bulgaria on your own because not much English spoken there. Saying this, with an open mind you can have a really nice trip there. By the way, Bulgaria isn't just beaches. The interior of the country has mountains, plains, and forests.
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    If you travel to Bulgaria avoid the summer months and instead go there in September, that is if you want to avoid the crowds. Of course, if you go there for the beach, then summer is best. I was there in July and it gets quite hot. A great place you must see is the Madara Archaeological Reserve which is atop a mountain and has a cave with intriguing rock art.
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    bulgarian rose valley tour

    Better learn some Cyrillics because street names are written in Cyrillics as Bulgarians use Cyrillic alphabet. By the way, you must visit the Rose Valley where 85% of the world rose oil is produced. If you go there you can see how rose oil is produced and buy some unique organic souvenirs, you have to plan excursion from the middle of May till the end of the first week of June.
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    Bulgaria is an attractive, rapidly changing corner of Europe, where shiny BMWs compete for lane space with horse-drawn carts. This nation’s European dream is still taking shape from its roots in a custom-blend of Ottoman, Orthodox, and Soviet soil.

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