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Discussion in 'Uruguay' started by sergiomarty, Jul 28, 2010.

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    hi folks,

    Im planning travel to Uruguay with my wife and I could do with some input regarding weather, best time to go and that kinda thing. Also, where do we find the best beaches in the country? thanks for any other ideas!:)
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    If you are planning travel to Uruguay this year, be aware that the country is in the southern hemisphere, so Uruguay experiences the warmest weather in December, January, and February.

    For a quite and cheap beach vacation, I would suggest looking to getaway in early November and avoid December as the beaches are the busiest at the end of the year.

    When it comes to beaches, Uruguay has everything from quiet to secluded beaches to beaches where you can enjoy watersports.

    The beaches of Rocha alongside the ocean, such as La Paloma, Valizas, and Cabo Polonio, are known for the waves, white sand, and amazing views.

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