Playboy Club Opens INVEGAS

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    The Playboy Club opens the weekend of October 6-7 atop the new Fantasy Tower at the Palms Hotel

    Some of you may be going, but wait, isn't October 7 the day of VegasEd!'s Birthday? Why, yes it is! The Playboy Club opens on VegasEd!'s birthday...coincidence? maybe...maybe not...(I will gladly accept that as a birthday present - may the spankings line begin here...)

    THE BUNNY SEARCH is over and those spanking new Roberto Cavalli designed uniforms will be filled in with the gorgeous women....some more filled in that others, I presume

    This is the first time a Playboy Club has opened since...well A LONG TIME!

    The venue will be managed by N9NEgroup, the same company that brought you Rain, ghostbar, N9NE Steakhouse and the gorgeous pool scene at the Palms Hotel INVEGAS, and more recently the ghostbar at the W hotel in Dallas. N9NEgroup also happens to be where I first started moderating message boards about Vegas back 2002!

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    Holy Schnikes! Gorgeous! (and the club isn't bad either)

    The PB club is nestled between Nove (Italian Restaurant) and Moon (think ghostbar on steroids) on three levels, er..well, really four! I will post a complete review of both PB and Moon in the next week or so.

    If anyone wants to visit, let me know and I can set you up with one of the best, most beautiful and insanely talented hosts (female) you will ever meet...and yes, she works directly for the club, so you certainly won't have to worry about some random VIP service company that can't get you through the door and right into the me...make sure you let me know you heard it on D360 too...a friend of D360 always gets special considerations from VE! baby....

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    Opening night invitation for the Playboy Club in Las Vegas at the wonderful Palms hotel..see attached


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