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Discussion in 'Israel' started by BelovedSoG, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. BelovedSoG

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    I want to go to Israel and all I have is a green card and travel documents. So I found out that I need to get a travel visa. Problem is I can't figure out how to obtain it. I was at their website and it says to fill out application and a lot of other things. Not sure where to mail it? Somewhere I read that you need to apply in person for it? Also it says that you must have a return ticket, is that true? By any chance anyone know of any independent agencie that helps with obtaining these visas? Thanks a lot in advance for all the help!!!
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    Where are u from? check out this site, it says there that you need to apply in person. applications via mail are not accepted.
  3. BelovedSoG

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    Thank you for the reply! I love in Hawaii and it would be pretty costly to appear in person. I wonder how long is the processing once you appear there...
  4. BelovedSoG

    BelovedSoG New Member

    Also is that true that you must have medical insurance in order to get a visa?
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    If you're American, you can contact the Israeli Embassy for details about getting the visa. I don't know if you need insurance, but it's probably smart to have it. Some airlines and others offer travel insurance that can take care of medical needs. Sometimes credit cards offer that too.

    Here's what the embassy says about tourist visas:

    • A completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel (Download the application for Visa to enter Israel).
    • Itinerary including plane ticket, and hotel reservation information or address of where you will be staying
    • Passport (must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of the stay in Israel) or travel document (must be valid for at least one year beyond the period of the stay in Israel)
    • Two passport pictures.
    • Health Insurance (a letter stating that you are fully covered for your international travel).
    • Letter from Employer, stating that you are currently employed and will continue to work once you return from your trip,
    • Valid re-entry visa to the United States OR original permanent resident (Green card).
    • Payment of the fee (Table of Fees)

    If you're confused about travel, you could call a tour company that specializes in travel to the Holy Land. I bet they can answer your questions about might even have a good deal for you.
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    I went to to Israel a few years ago and i don’t remember being asked for show proof of health insurance. I travelled with a group of people from different countries (Germany, USA, Canada, UK). None of us prearranged the visa and we all got it on entry.

    If you are US citizen you probably don’t need to get a visa ahead of time. I usually use U.S. Passport & Travel Visa Services: Online Application, Visas Requirements. to check if I need to get a visa in advance (they also offer visa services but I wouldn’t use them since they are usually more expensive then just arranging the visa yourself through the consulate as wanderer mentioned in the previous post!). If you do use a visa agency/service make sure it’s a reputable one since you will have to trust them with your passport.

    As for travel insurance I am pretty sure nobody asked us to provide any proof of coverage. If they asked at all I might have told them that I have insurance from Kaiser Permanente (I doubt they know that one or had a way to verify my coverage). Having that said if you have insurance it probably already covers you for travel abroad as well (make sure to check though since a few countries are excluded). Now going on a big trip like this I usually do get some travel insurance to cover emergencies. You might want to check Should you Buy Travel Insurance for more information on whether you should get travel insurance.
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