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Discussion in 'Vacations' started by GreatRTour, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. GreatRTour

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    Does anyone have some really good traveling tips that will cut the costs down and also you get to have a really good feel of what's it like to be in a different part of the world..
  2. trologger

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    traveling on a budget

    If you want to travel oversees on a budget, make sure you avoid popular travel dates like holidays, summer months, spring break, and Christmas because airlines charge extra at those times. Also, wherever you travel walk as much as you can, or take the bus to get around since buses are always the cheapest mode of transport.
  3. wanderer

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    Re: travel tips ????

    This may sound strange, but you can find cultural exchanges close to home. If you really wanted to save money, you could find a place that connects you to another culture. Many museums and cultural experiences will help you learn about the world beyond. Of course nothing beats actually going to a place. Planning ahead really helps you save money. Sometimes packages help least you know what you're in for before you go.
  4. GreatRTour

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    Re: traveling on a budget

    thnxx for the suggestion trologger
  5. yummyfood-ole

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    cool travel tips to get you by

    A few good tips i can share with you that helped me personally are:

    -booking the flight ticket 8 weeks in advance
    -eating where the locals eat
    -walking everywhere, or using the bus

    basically i think if you act more like a local in that country and not like a tourist, you can make it on a very thin budget.
  6. hehem

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    use common sense when traveling

    be friendly to other travelers since you never know when you will need help. Also, keep your valuables out of they say out of site, out of mind. Do not show people what you have and don't look rich.

    And of course, always take a taxi, or bus, etc from bus station to hotel, and store you passport, travel check information in you e-mail box.
  7. PamelaWalker

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    Re: travel tips ????

    If you are going on a vacation in a group then always prefer vacation rentals over hotels, it really cuts your cost a lot, as you share accommodation here and can even cook yourself.
  8. Rishub

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    Re: travel tips ????

    The best thing i would like to share with you is, whenever i go for traveling first thing is that i always keep some small locks for my luggage so that my luggage will be safe,and another thing is that i will suggest you to take good hotel and accommodation, this is very important if you are going out with your family.
  9. wanderer

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    Re: travel tips ????

    That's some good advice. You don't even need to buy locks...even a piece of string or a rubber band can keep sticky fingers away.
  10. mitraveler

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    Re: travel tips ????

    What about all-inclusive resorts? I'm not sure if they're the cheapest way to travel, but you you do know in advance what you're going to pay. Many of them have excursions/tours as part of the list of activities guests can enjoy for no extra fee.
  11. telepopMuzic

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    go for the all inclusive option

    I second that mittraveler! whenever I go on vacation with the family I always go for the all inclusive option to avoid coming back home broke...otherwise, it's hard to stay on budget, I find anyways!
  12. Dapolitiu4

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    good advice on all-inclusive

    good advice on all-inclusive, though I find that they aren't all that safe to be honest. The reason being is that like anything else, if you don;t know what kind of resort you;re staying in, you may actually regret ever doing the all-inclusive option.

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