Points of interest at Trinidad and Tobago

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  1. Vegasgrl

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    Hi there,

    What are points of interest at Trinidad and Tobago and when is the best time to visit? Any idea or advice?
  2. Andrew

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    There are plenty of points of interest available at Trinidad and Tobago all year-round. The Blanchisseuse beach, Pigeon Point Beach, Maracas Bay beach and Pirates Bay beaches
    are some of the beautiful beaches which offer more fun & thing to do. Also, the Aripo Caves, Fort King George, Brian Lara Promenade and Trinidad Volcano are some of the must see attractions of Trinidad and Tobago. The best time to visit Trinidad and Tobago is between January & May, the weather is cool during this time. April and May are hot, but perfect for beach holidays. Pre book your Trinidad & Tobago vacation and have more fun.
  3. Mr.Joe

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    As far as me, Tobago is more worth to visit than Trinidad. Tobago has lots of white sandy beaches, attractions, night clubs, nice restaurants etc. Book between January & March, so that you can avoid the heat. The weather is pleasant during this time, but the beaches are always busy. Bird watching in Tobago is one of the top things to to do in Tobago, and it has more than 240 species of tropical birds. Buccoo Reef and the Nylon Pool, Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Main Ridge Forest Reserve and Argyle Falls are the most beautiful attractions of Tobago. Explore the wildlife too!

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