Poland in Christmas or Jan?

Discussion in 'Poland' started by janeSaunders, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. janeSaunders

    janeSaunders New Member

    we're debating whether to go to Poland in Christmas or wait for after new year to travel there? my thinking is that flights and accomodation will be cheaper in Jan, thoughts? also, what about weather and indoor attractions?
  2. backat1

    backat1 New Member

    Depends..Christmas time is great and you will have a better time/ experience in Poland because it's a happy time. there's also the Christmas markets and foods, which are really nice. the only thing about Christmas time in Poland is the crowds and prices. Everything is always more expensive, especially hotels and tourist attractions.
  3. hazard999

    hazard999 New Member

    Christmas is nice but Jan is definitely best if you're on a budget. The weather in Dec and Jan isn't too different and that means anything from 0 to -20 degrees. It'll be sunny most times but rainy, snowy and, of course windy. In fact, bring a decent wind/ rain jacket and hat and forget the umbrealla cos it'll be useless particularly in Warsaw (wind is ridiculous)

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