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Discussion in 'Poland' started by DavieBrown, May 21, 2018.

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    I always love wildlife watching tours to experience the exceptionally picturesque places. This year, I'm planning to go to Poland may be in late Nov. Any one have been to Poland and had wildlife tour? any unforgettable experiences? please share...
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    There are many types of wildlife watching tours available to explore Poland's wildlife, and Warsaw and Krakow are the best cities in Poland for wildlife tours. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit Poland, especially in May, you can watch a wide variety of birds. I have been to Poland twice. I had 8 days wildlife watching adventure tour in last May during wildlife festival. The tour started at Warsaw and transfered us to the Bialowieza Forest. We explored Siemianowka Lake, Biebrza Marshes and a lot more. Our tour offered us many things to do including hiking, wildlife watching, delicious dining and cultural sightseeing. Check out Poland Tours page for more details.
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    Wroclaw zoo is the biggest & most famous zoo in Poland. It has over 10,000 animals & species. This zoo includes Madagascar pavilion, Odrarium, Afrykarium, Rancho, Terrarium, Children's Zoo and food outlets. Afrykarium is the biggest attraction of the zoo, and this is probably the best zoo that I have seen in my life time. This Zoo should be on every travelers itinerary in Poland. If you like wild life, then this zoo is an interesting place to visit.

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