Polar bears in Manitoba

Discussion in 'Canada' started by wanderer, Nov 28, 2011.

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    It's a really small town and really far away, but Churchill, Manitoba, is one of the best places on earth to see polar bears in their natural habitat. Many people's journeys begin in Winnipeg, Manitoba where they take the train north. Once you get there, you'll want to stay in one of the lodges and take a tundra buggy tour. It's one of the best ways to see the bears up close, along with beluga whales and some other amazing creatures.
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    This might be obvious, but these tours work best in the summer. The winters are very harsh up there!
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    Polar bears in Churchill Manitoba

    Churchill is the best spot to see polar bears because the area lies near the southern limit of where polar bears are able to live year-round. Generally, you should be able to see polar bears throughout the months of October and November but there is never any guarantee! By the way, did you guys know that even though polar bear fur is white their skin is actually black?
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    Churchill is also a great place to see the Northern Lights since it's so far north.

    Polar bears are pretty amazing creatures. In case you don't make it up there, you can see the live camera feed from a Tundra Buggy at this link.
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    From mid-July through to mid-November the entire population is forced onto adjacent coastal lands as the ice disappears. The greatest concentrations during this time period occur between the Nelson River and the town of Churchill.
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    polar bear tours from Churchill

    yep, Churchill is the place to go to watch the Polar bears but I recommend booking a tour with one of the tour companies there like Tundra Buggy but this type of tours can be very pricey..around $3000, though that includes accomodation, meals, etc.
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    The season can stretch into November, I've heard. I know someone who just booked a trip for then. She's stoked to ride on the tundra buggy to see the bears.

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