Popocatepeti volcano spews ash

Discussion in 'Travel News' started by VacationBuddy, Sep 7, 2011.

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    The Popocatepeti volcano which lies around 30 miles southeast of Mexico City is reported to be spewing ash more than half a mile into the sky. Locals are reporting seeing water, ash and rocks flowing down the flanks of the volcano. It seems Popocatepeti volcano has showed similar activity in the past so it's not posing any risk to Mexico City or affecting air travel in the region.
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    Mother Nature is talking..r we listening?

    The earth has been rockin' these last months folks..is this the sign of Armageddon?

    Lets see the facts...we had Japan's great tsunami disaster. Then the East Coast's earthquake rattling up and down the coastline. Recently, hurricane Irene showing off her strength from the Carolina's upward to Maine, causing considerable damage. Now, one of the most powerful and scary of all of Mother Nature's toys, a Volcano eruption in Southern Mexico. Ya know, everyday life goes on with the presence of wars, crime drama, hunger and stock market woes. But when Mother Nature speaks, everyone stops and listens...ROCK ON!

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