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Discussion in 'Beaches' started by felipeL, Aug 17, 2010.

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    A few of my friends want to visit Virginia next week and I wanted to know what are the most popular beaches in Virginia where we can do water activities and people watch?
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    hi there,

    Virginia Beach will actually be the nearest beach for you if you're coming from North Carolina, and it's also one of the most famous beaches in the country. The famed Virginia Beach Boardwalk is an attraction of its own with plenty of day and night entertainment opportunities.

    In Virginia Beach, you can enjoy all sorts of activities such as shopping, people-watching and hire water beach rentals.
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    Hey nice info, thanks for the list of nice beaches. I would recommend Wilmington, NC and the beaches there. They are really nice. See: Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Wrightsville Beach.

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